Marketing professional living in a world that straddles the left and right brain:  constantly balancing the application of new, innovative digital technologies against strategic, data-driven objectives.  My slight obsession with ‘moving the needle’ propels my ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, with an unparalleled ability to execute consistently on strict timelines and budgets.  Humble beginnings in sales, technical and creative roles facilitate my success in communicating with, and managing cross-functional teams.  Count on me to diffuse tense situations with humor.

Peak My Interest With:

New Technologies: I’m a big believer in working smart – I geek out on SalesForce, new martech platforms and ways to target and predict lead behavior.

Advertising & Branding:  I love clever messaging and branding.  I have an eye for ads and positioning.

Learning: As you may know, I received my Masters in Business Administration from McCombs School of Business in 2016.  I have a huge appetite for knowledge, research and development.

Art: Somewhat a component of advertising and branding, I enjoy the abstract concepts pioneered by famous artists of the past.

and above all,

Entertaining People: An element of marketing has to be entertaining in order to be impactful. I want to connect with you through media and share my message.