ACTIVE Network

Built $900K Pipeline in 2 Months

Optimized and managed existing inbound funnels to achieve a positive ROMI resulting in a pipeline of nearly $900K in less than 2 months and more than tripled inbound leads year over year from 144 to 447.

In Depth Data Analysis

Presented in-depth analysis and data insights on a weekly basis to support strategic growth initiatives across 8+ strategic sites that involved coordinating with cross-functional teams such as SEO, development, product marketing and design.

Managed & Optimized Paid Search Funnels

Managed Google Adwords and Bing paid search initiatives to improve overall conversion rate by nearly 800%, reducing cost per click by 21% and increasing number of inbound leads by nearly 642%.

Lead Strategic Site Optimization

Facilitated strategic penetration into vertical markets by leading a team of designers, developers and SEO. Notable achievements include 3 website overhauls, an increased conversion rate of 120% month over month and a $145K contribution to bookings.

Identified and actively pursued efforts to optimize and maintain global B2B web properties through redesign, responsive implementation and A/B testing to improve goal conversion rates by nearly 9.24%.

Manage & Implement Social Media Strategy

Improved overall social media performance and transformed it into a lead generating channel, subsequently increasing impressions and leads by 250% and nearly 400%, month over month, respectively.

Clients First Business Solutions

Tripled Marketable Database

Launched initiative to consolidate all marketable data among the Sales and Marketing Department by implementing a CRM system and inbound lead strategy that increased our marketable database by 200%.

Increase Site Visits by 40% Monthly

Launched two websites and leveraged SEO to expand prospect reach and brand presence resulting in an increase in web site visits by 40% per month .

Increase Inbound Leads by 65%, per Quarter

Created 36 landing pages and conversion paths resulting in an average conversion rate of ~23% per month and increasing inbound leads by 65% per quarter.