• After

    This particular page experienced a conversion rate increase of 140.74% , resulting in 19 additional MQLs over the course of the 6 month period of being launched.

  • Before

    This was in the top 6 trafficked pages on ACTIVEcamps.com. The baseline conversion rate was 2.18% making it low hanging fruit for optimization and inbound lead generation.


Proprietary CMS


Part of our General Management objective was to bring in $XM of new name business in the large and mid-tier youth and education market.  Our direct/organic channel for this market was had the highest MQL/Closed Won rate and a higher average deal size.  I identified 5 pages that had high traffic and low conversion rates to optimize for inbound lead generation.


We tailored and added content to 5 key pages.  All content went through an SEO review.
It was evident that the UX and product screenshots needed to be updated (or added, if non-existent) so that visitors could easily absorb information.

Additionally, we A/B tested the call-to-action on all 5 pages: Tell Me More vs. Let’s Talk.  Which won? Tell Me More.


Part of the page optimization process that I put in place at ACTIVE involved revisiting the optimized pages at 1-2 month checkpoints, 4-6 month checkpoints, 6-8 month checkpoints and up to a year after launching to monitor and account for all changes.

As of the 6-8 month checkpoint, results are as follows for the 5 optimized pages:

    • 35.37% increase in conversion rate
    • 31.38% increase in inbound MQLs
    • An additional $38K per year