• After

    The sports league management page was the highest performer of the 10 pages optimized in this project.

  • Before


Proprietary CMS


In support of our new AUI product relaunch, we chose 10 high visibility pages on the ACTIVEsports.com domain to redesign.  Main objective was converting MQL’s and site optimization but also benefitted product redesign awareness.


  • Redesigned 10 pages
    1. homepage: www.activesports.com
    2. www.activesports.com/sports-solutions/by-feature/online-sports-registration
    3. www.activesports.com/sports-solutions/by-feature/sports-league-management
    4. www.activesports.com/sports-solutions/by-feature/online-sports-registration/team-roster-creation-and-management
    5. www.activesports.com/sports-solutions/by-feature/online-sports-registration/secure-online-payment-processing
    6. www.activesports.com/sports-solutions/by-sport/baseball/baseball-scheduling-software
    7. www.activesports.com/sports-solutions/by-sport/baseball/baseball-websites
    8. www.activesports.com/sports-solutions/by-sport/soccer/soccer-scheduling-softwa
    9. rewww.activesports.com/team-registration-software
    10. www.activesports.com/league-administration-software
  • Content audit/rewrite and SEO
  • Added and improved site interlinking
  • Redesign and new screenshots
  • Form above the fold


In the 15 months following the redesign, these key pages alone brought in 883 responses, 78 opportunities, $430K in pipe and over $200K in closed won deals.

  • Doubled the average conversion rate from 2.5% to 5%