ABC Fitness Solutions

Joined ABC Fitness Solutions in January 2020 as the third member of the company’s first-ever corporate marketing function. My first year at ABC was spent leading crisis communication efforts and process to close and reopen over 8,000 clubs. Toward the end of 2020, assumed responsibility of holding 2x pipeline responsibility for a $5.5M booking target and growing the programs team to 5 people.

Recruited the Company’s First Programs Team

Recruited the company’s first world-class marketing team that pioneered new lead channels for ABC, leading them to hit 101% of pipeline targets and 166% of bookings target.


Joined Kibo as the Senior Marketing Programs Manager to project manage execution of all programs and realunch a new website, all while establishing a demand generation plan to support an aggressive inorganic growth strategy.

Established Marketing Programs Reporting

An aligned marketing and sales department is critical – which prompted the establishment of two biweekly marketing program reporting meetings, including structure and format across two departments. Reporting format broke initiatives down in 30-, 60- and 90- day timeframes that aligned with the sales cycle to determine effectiveness of programs down the funnel. New reporting cadence resulted in 3 revised processes to improve marketing qualification and attribution in Salesforce, raising our MQL>SQL rate from 5% to 7%.

Structure and Process Reform

Nobody likes when the new person comes in and changes everything…unless it makes lives easier! After interviewing members of our 12-person marketing team, I came up with a new, standardize project management and ticketing process that translated into our reporting structure.  This not only allowed us to tie individual tactics to results, but also allowed us to double our output, with less resources to accomplish a 175% and 115% increase in MQLs and SQLs, respectively, half over half.

BirdEye, Inc

Joined BirdEye, Inc. as the third member of the newly formed marketing team to lay the foundation for Demand Generation and grow a scalable, organic, non-paid lead engine that would prepare us for Series C funding.

Established Closed Loop Routing and Marketing Attribution

Created one intense visio, and spent hours manually routing leads until my cries of manual effort were heard! I presented a closed loop marketing and campaign attribution model to Director and VP levels that resulted in implementing routing improvements and campaign object utilization that captured over 1000 misrouted leads and 105 unattributed opportunities per month, on average (not to mention the 2 hours per day of manual routing saved).

Built and Grew Email as a Lead Source

Developed and executed on BirdEye’s first nurture email and webinar plan that generated over 400 opportunities, $1.5M in pipeline and $154K in closed won deals.  With the established infrastructure in place, email as a lead source, grew to account for 18% of inbound leads while subsequently reducing the percent of paid leads from 62% to 35% in just 6 months.

ACTIVE Network

Arrived at ACTIVE in early 2015 under the ownership of Vista Equity Partners where I supported implementing and transforming processes to support quadrupling growth (highlights included below). After being acquired by Global Payments (NYSE: GPN) in late 2017, participated in deep dive discussions to drive gross margins of 40%.

Implemented Account-Based Marketing

Implemented ACTIVE’s first ever Account-Based Marketing program for deals ranging from $100K-$300K+.  Achievements include directing a cross-functional team of 10 people to scrub and enrich over 250 Accounts in Salesforce on a compressed timeline from 3 quarters to 3 weeks.  Presented analysis and status updates to executive leadership on a weekly basis, highlighting engagement rates of 80% and conversion rates of over 20%.

Transformed Declining Markets

Took ownership of Team Sports marketing programs and aggressively executed and optimized demand generation efforts, by the end of 2016 the market experienced lead increases of 2000% for webinars, 733% for emails leads and 23% for Content Downloads.

Subsequently was promoted to Global Marketing Manager for the Sports and Endurance Market in early 2018, overseeing Product Marketing, Demand Generation and Account-Based Marketing across 5 verticals, 8 products and supported 10 sales teams with a team of 3 people to exceed quarterly marketing owned bookings by 128%.

Demand Generation Excellence

As part of my role in the Youth & Education market I planned and executed a go-to-market strategy that supported a new name sales team of 50 individuals by generating 10,992 marketing qualified leads (a 4% increase year-over-year) that drove 74% of the $6M in new business.

Go-to-Market Support

In my most recent year and a half at ACTIVE, I influenced the product roadmap and developed go-to-market plans for 3 Tier 1 launches and 9 Tier 2 launches. Results are highlighted in my recent resume.

Sales Funnel Acceleration

Accelerated the sales funnel by enabling sales through the creation/refinement of over 86 sales enablement pieces including competitive tools, asset development and sales communication. Efforts resulted in a 12% increase in opportunity/won rate from 25% to 28%.

Built $900K Pipeline in 2 Months

Optimized and managed existing inbound funnels to achieve a positive ROMI resulting in a pipeline of nearly $900K in less than 2 months and more than tripled inbound leads year over year from 144 to 447.

Lead Strategic Site Optimization

Facilitated strategic penetration into vertical markets by leading a team of designers, developers and SEO. Notable achievements include 20 website overhauls, an increased conversion rate of 120% month over month and a $145K contribution to bookings.

Identified and actively pursued efforts to optimize and maintain global B2B web properties through redesign, responsive implementation and A/B testing to improve goal conversion rates by nearly 9.24%.

Take a tour of web projects that I optimized here.

In Depth Data Analysis

Presented in-depth analysis and data insights on a weekly basis to support strategic growth initiatives across 8+ strategic sites that involved coordinating with cross-functional teams such as SEO, development, product marketing and design.

In more recent roles, gained experience presenting to executive leadership on a weekly cadence to highlight funnel conversion metrics, pipeline acceleration and engagement.

Managed & Optimized Paid Search & Social Channels

Managed Google Adwords and Bing paid search initiatives to improve overall conversion rate by nearly 800%, reducing cost per click by 21% and increasing number of inbound leads by nearly 642%.

Improved overall social media performance and transformed it into a lead generating channel, subsequently increasing impressions and leads by 250% and nearly 400%, month over month, respectively.

Clients First Business Solutions

Tripled Marketable Database

Launched initiative to consolidate all marketable data among the Sales and Marketing Department by implementing a CRM system and inbound lead strategy that increased our marketable database by 200%.

Increase Site Visits by 40% Monthly

Launched two websites and leveraged SEO to expand prospect reach and brand presence resulting in an increase in web site visits by 40% per month .

Increase Inbound Leads by 65%, per Quarter

Created 36 landing pages and conversion paths resulting in an average conversion rate of ~23% per month and increasing inbound leads by 65% per quarter.