Proprietary CMS


As the second largest referrer of traffic to one of our strategic sites, served as not only a lead generation property but also a place where current customers were navigating to log in to the product.  Our objective was to optimize the property for conversion best practices in order to support our digital MQL numbers for 2016.


Low hanging fruit included adding the form above the fold, optimizing for mobile and reducing the number of form fields.  From a design standpoint, the new, modern layout communicated our recent investment in updating the product.  We included updated screenshots and feature descriptions of the product. Customer testimonials were included as a way to tell our story via our customers.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll also find a CTA button that takes the user back up to the form.


After the first month of launching, the goal conversion rate for the page increased by 420% for a conversion rate of 11.2%.  In the first month alone, we closed $10K in bookings, which was more than the site generated in the prior fiscal year.